Several contested races in Southeast Idaho

Julie Hancock, Bannock County Elections Deputy Clerk, gets ballets ready for Tuesday’s election. Read about the Bingham Library District Bond at


Today is election day in Idaho and across the nation. Polls in the Gem State will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. today. Bannock County election officials said turnout should be about average for a presidential election, with around 80 percent of registered Bannock County voters expected to cast ballots. Bannock County voter turnout is already at about 20 percent due to absentee voting. Turnout for the 2008 presidential election in Bannock County was nearly 90 percent and statewide it was 77 percent. Below is a list of all the contested races in Southeast Idaho:

U.S. Representative, District 2

Democrat Nicole LeFavour

Republican Mike Simpson (Incumbent)

Legislative District 28 State Senator

Democrat Dave Finkelnburg

Republican Jim Guthrie

State Representative, Position A

Democrat Sam McKee

Republican Ken Andrus (Incumbent)

State Representative, Position B

Democrat Kamren Koompin

Republican Kelley Packer

Legislative District 29 State Senator

Democrat Roy Lacey

Republican Greg Romriell

State Representative, Position A

Democrat Carolyn Meline

Independent Bob Croker

Republican Dave Bowen

Write-in Idaho Lorax

State Representative, Position B

Democrat Elaine Smith (Incumbent)

Republican Craig Cooper

Legislative District 31 State Senator

Democrat Cherie Harding Clawson

Republican Steven Bair (Incumbent)

State Representative, Position A

Democrat Barbara Ann Clark

Republican Neil A. Anderson

State Representative, Position B

Democrat Jeannie M. James

Republican Julie Van Orden

Legislative District 32 State Representative, Position A

Democrat Bob Fitzgerald

Republican Marc Gibbs (Incumbent)

State Representative, Position B

Democrat Ralph Mossman Republican

Tom Loertscher (Incumbent)

Oneida County


Republican Jeff Semrad (Incumbent)

Independent Ceylon Reder

Commissioner District 1

Republican Alden Neal

Democrat Shellee Smith Daniels

Bear Lake

Commissioner District 1

Democrat Kevin Jacobson

Republican Bradley Jensen


Republican Roger Jones (incumbent)

Write-in Steven Wuthrich

Franklin County


Republican Dave Fryar

Democrat Alan Riggs


Republican Vic Pearson

Independent Tyler Olson

Bannock County

Commissioner District 1

Republican Karl Anderson (Incumbent)

Democrat Elmer Martinez

Commissioner District 3

Libertarian John Bischoff

Republican Howard Manwaring (incumbent)

Democrat Marla Vik


Democrat Steve Herzog

Republican Kent Reynolds

Also: the City of Inkom is asking voters there to support a wastewater treatment bond issue and Pocatello is asking its residents to support paying for a new animal shelter.

Bingham County

Commissioner District 1

Republican Mark Bair

Write-in Matt Thompson

Also: The Shelley-Firth Fire District and North Bingham Library District are both asking voters for more funding via bond issues.

Power County

Commissioner District 3

Republican Delane Anderson (Incumbent)

Independent Lynn Scherer


Democrat F. Randall Kline (incumbent)

Republican Ryan Peterson


Democrat Jim Jeffries (Incumbent)

Republican Frederick Harms

Magistrate judge retention elections

David Kress, Caribou County

David Evans, Oneida County

Eric Hunn, Franklin County

Bryan Murray , Bannock County

Thomas Clark, Bannock County

Ryan W. Boyer, Bingham County